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FPGA: What We Bought and Why My dad and others are investigating FPGA as the basis of custom processor work. LaFarr would like to build a processor capable of arbitrary length numbers. I would like to build an FPGA Mippy variant. My dad would like to build a babbage machine. So we all have our desires. In common, we'd like to find one FPGA vendor that offers:
  • A large enough FPGA for us to do our work; we don't know if that's 10K gates or 50K gates, but it's more than 1K.
  • One that supports memory; either SRAM or DRAM (or SDRAM or DDR DRAM, etc.). Basically, something with a built in memory controller.
  • Ideally, the board would have RAM on-board; or have a DIM slot for RAM.
  • Some devices built in would be useful; USB, EtherNet, Parallel, Serial IO, etc.

We've issued a purchase!

On Tuesday, November 24th, 2003, I issued a purchase for 3 B5-X-Super-Value-Packs , 3 Power supplies, and 3 mounting boards.

Getting Started Links

This is a NEW section for my dad, LaFarr and I. Hopefully we'll learn more about FPGA's through these links:

Useful Links

Some of these links are links-to-links, others (I'm interested in) have been explicitly duplicated here:


Here are the links and notes that got us to the above purchase decision: I would think that SRAM, or compact flash would be very useful. After all, I'm trying to build a micro-processor. And, LaFarr is trying to build a math-engine. Either way, RAM is really helpful. So, hmm. It looks to me like the B5-X is still the best.